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Pledge Drive 2022

Our campaign theme this year is about Every Perfect Gift, and reminds us how everything that we receive and everything we give comes from God.  And, how all the ways in which we have been blessed by God inspires us to give back to our neighbors, our church, and the world.

The ministries of Church of the Holy Comforter depend on the generous pledges and gifts from our congregation and friends.  We invite you to prayerfully consider where God is calling you to be with your giving, whether that is financial giving or giving of your time and talents.

You can complete a 2022 Online Pledge Card below.

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Time, they say, is the greatest gift, because it is a gift that we can’t replace - once given, it can’t be taken back. Talents are a double gift – by Grace you have received them, and by Grace you generously share them. For more information about the various ministries at Holy Comforter where you can share your gifts of time and talent, click the link below.  Feel free to reach out to the contact person to learn more about the ministry and ways to get involved. 

Time & Talent